TableĀ 2

Hypothetical example to show data reporting, with the minimum required information in bold and large font

Never cigarettes
N=500 (50%)A
Ever cigarettes
N=350 (35%)A
Current cigarettes
N=150 (15%)A
Never e-cigarette
N=765 (76.5%)A
n, (% of total population)Bn=475 (47.5)n=245 (24.5)n=45 (4.5)
% of row totalC62.132.05.9
% of column totalC95.070.030.0
Ever e-cigarette
N=204 (20.4%)A
n, (% total population)Bn=20 (2)n=94 (9.4)n=90 (9.0)
% of row totalC9.846.144.1
% of column totalC4.026.960.0
Current e-cigarette
N=31 (3.1%)A
n, (% total population)Bn=5 (0.5)n=11 (1.1)n=15 (1.5)
% of row totalC16.135.548.4
% of column totalC1.03.110.0
  • Level 1 resultsA, level 2 resultsB, level 3 resultsC.