Table 1

Variables associated with support for e-cigarette policies

Pass a state law prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes and other vaping products in places where smoking is not allowed, such as in restaurants, bars and workplaces*Tax e-cigarettes and other vaping products in California, and devote the money for public education programmes, research and the enforcement of laws relating to their use*Regulate and license shops that sell e-cigarettes and other vaping products in California in the same way as stores that sell regular tobacco cigarettes*Pass a state law that restricts adding flavours to e-cigarettes and other vaping products to reduce their appeal to young people*
Per cent agree strongly or somewhatOR†95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
Age (years)1.00(0.99 to 1.01)1.00(0.99 to 1.01)1.00(0.99 to 1.01)1.02(1.01 to 1.03)
Female (vs male)0.80(0.57 to 1.10)0.89(0.62 to 1.27)0.90(0.63 to 1.30)0.69(0.51 to 0.95)
Asian0.69(0.37 to 1.29)0.61(0.32 to 1.17)0.70(0.35 to 1.41)0.77(0.42 to 1.40)
African American0.63(0.35 to 1.13)0.91(0.45 to 1.81)0.85(0.43 to 1.68)0.98(0.55 to 1.76)
Hispanic0.74(0.49 to 1.12)0.89(0.56 to 1.40)0.70(0.44 to 1.10)1.38(0.93 to 2.06)
Less than high school0.54(0.26 to 1.11)1.12(0.46 to 2.71)0.94(0.39 to 2.24)0.77(0.35 to 1.70)
High school1.
Some college1.27(0.80 to 2.01)1.34(0.82 to 2.20)1.13(0.68 to 1.86)1.25(0.79 to 1.97)
College1.27(0.79 to 2.03)1.31(0.79 to 2.17)1.23(0.73 to 2.08)1.57(0.99 to 2.50)
Income1.10(0.99 to 1.22)1.07(0.96 to 1.20)1.13(1.01 to 1.27)1.02(0.93 to 1.13)
Smoker0.35(0.22 to 0.54)0.35(0.21 to 0.59)0.37(0.22 to 0.63)0.44(0.27 to 0.72)
Conservative0.78(0.52 to 1.16)0.55(0.37 to 0.82)0.57(0.37 to 0.86)0.67(0.46 to 0.99)
Liberal1.11(0.74 to 1.65)1.88(1.16 to 3.04)1.64(1.01 to 2.66)1.07(0.74 to 1.55)
Middle of the road1.
Region (North/South)1.29(0.92 to 1.83)1.74(1.19 to 2.54)1.84(1.25 to 2.72)1.57(1.14 to 2.16)
Region (Coastal/Inland)1.09(0.75 to 1.58)0.93(0.63 to 1.39)1.17(0.77 to 1.76)1.42(0.99 to 2.02)
  • ORs are adjusted for all other variables in the logistic regression model.

  • ORs shown in bold (with CIs that do not include 1) are significant at p<0.05.

  • *Policy questions were preceded by, “I am going to read some proposals that have been made about the use of electronic cigarettes, also referred to as vaping or e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are small, battery-powered devices that enable users to smoke by inhaling a vapor of a liquid nicotine mixture, instead of burning a cigarette. For each proposal, please tell me whether you favor or oppose it.”

  • †Response options were favor strongly, favor somewhat, oppose somewhat, or oppose strongly.