Table 3

Quitting and switching cigarette use during follow-up

Cigarette use at baseline
E-cigarettes onlyTobacco cigarettes onlyDual use
Switching to another product use group at 24 months(n=229)(n=480)(n=223)
 No switch42.475.616.6
 Switch to no product use18.817.514.3
 Switch from e-cigarettes only to dual use or tobacco-only smoking38.9
 Switch from dual use or tobacco-only smoking to e-cigarettes only5.611.7
 Switch from dual use to tobacco-only smoking57.4
 Switch from tobacco only to dual use1.3
Quitting all product use
 Quit all product use* at 12 months (n=125)(n=34)(n=65)(n=26)
  Remained abstinent from both tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes at 24 months76.572.369.2
  Relapsed to either tobacco and/or e-cigarettes at 24 months23.527.730.8
 Tobacco smoking quitters at 12 months (n=106)(n=0)(n=69)(n=37)
  Remained abstinent from smoking at 24 months69.774.0
  Relapsed to tobacco smoking at 24 months30.326.0
  • *Both tobacco smoking abstinence/cessation and e-cigarette use abstinence/cessation.