TableĀ 1

TSNA sampling from various commercially producing barns, measured in 1999

Barn type/fuelBurner configurationPeriod when this curing process was widespreadNumber of samplesTSNA in tobacco (ppm)
Stick/woodFlues1970s and earlier60.3
Bulk/dieselHeat exchange21st century271.0
Bulk/LPG (Turkey)Heat exchange21st century23ND
Stick/LPGDirect fired1970s to 1980s15.9
Bulk/LPGDirect fired1980s to 1990s4311.0
  • This tableĀ is adapted from table 3 in Exhibit 40368.14

  • LPG, Liquefied petroleum gas; ND, not detected; ppm, parts per million; TSNA, tobacco-specific nitrosamines.