Table 1

Density of tobacco retail stores and distribution of store types by location

DensityTotalSubtotal100 m200 mp Value†Neighbourhoodp Value*
Number of store73930885223<0.0001431<0.0001
Weighted average number of stores12.
Density (per km2)97.775.9196.964.70.0499.70.43
Store typeTotal (%)School (%)Neighbourhood (%)p Value
Food store59.067.558.40.02
Tobacco shop15.312.215.50.25
Fruit store8.
  • The sampling was performed to avoid overlap between schools and neighbourhoods. When there was a sampled neighbourhood overlapping with a sampled school, the neighbourhood was excluded and replaced by another neighbourhood through random sampling. Food stores include convenient stores, small markets, and supermarkets (the same below).

  • *p Value for comparison by locations (schools/neighbourhoods).

  • †p Value for comparison by distance from a school.