Table 6

Associations between tobacco-retailing store visit frequency and smoking status (susceptible, experimented or current monthly+smoker)

aOR*95% CIaOR*95% CI
Outcome: susceptible
 Store visit: <weekly1.00(Reference)1.00(Reference)
 Store visit: weekly1.42(1.24 to 1.63)1.13(1.01 to 1.28)
 Store visit: 2–3 times/week1.89(1.67 to 2.13)1.61(1.44 to 1.81)
 Store visit: daily+1.83(1.56 to 2.14)1.94(1.64 to 2.30)
Outcome: experimented
 Store visit: <weekly1.00(Reference)1.00(Reference)
 Store visit: weekly1.37(1.21 to 1.54)0.73(0.63 to 0.83)
 Store visit: 2–3 times/week1.98(1.75 to 2.25)1.08(0.97 to 1.19)
 Store visit: daily+2.66(2.22 to 3.18)1.68(1.50 to 1.89)
Outcome: current smoker (monthly+)
 Store visit: <weekly1.00(Reference)1.00(Reference)
 Store visit: weekly1.12(0.92 to 1.36)0.9(0.71 to 1.14)
 Store visit: 2–3 times/week1.14(0.95 to 1.37)1.06(0.87 to 1.28)
 Store visit: daily+1.95(1.63 to 2.32)2.01(1.62 to 2.5)
  • ORs are bolded where 95% CIs do not overlap the null.

  • *aORs controlled for age, sex, ethnicity, SES, friend and parent smoking status, smoking in home.

  • aOR, adjusted OR; SES, socioeconomic status.