Table 5

Cigarette displays in tobacco retail stores, by cigarette type and location

Schools (%)
Total (%)Subtotal0–100 m101–200 mp Value†Neighbourhoods (%)p Value*
Cigarettes in general
 Within 1 m of the floor82.988.291.387.20.2782.60.04
 Within 0.3 m of toys and candy, etc58.969.675.066.40.0458.20.0003
Menthol cigarettes
 Within 1 m of the floor44.246.743.547.90.47440.66
 Within 0.3 m of toys and candy, etc30.535.434.934.40.9630.20.22
Female-targeted cigarettes
 Within 1 m of the floor44.242.639.744.10.5044.30.70
 Within 0.3 m of toys and candy, etc3133.332.332.70.9730.80.56
  • *p Value for comparison by locations (schools/neighbourhoods).

  • †p Value for comparison by distance from a school.