Table 1

Wave 1 sample sizes for completed interviews and collected biospecimen types, overall and by selected demographic subgroups

Wave 1 sample size
Youth interviewAdults
Collected biospecimens
InterviewUrineBloodBuccal*Urine and bloodAll 3*
Overall13 65132 32021 80114 52012 54313 8566950
Age (years)
 12–1713 651†
 Man697116 30910 7636920615566333367
 Woman664115 98211 0257594638172173580
 White, non-Hispanic647819 29912 8188895747485094312
 Black, non-Hispanic180144963168191317581815872
 American Indian or Alaska Native, non-Hispanic70195138102869344
 Asian/Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic394966543299290285126
 Multiple races, non-Hispanic7671269929655511623287
  • Note that because of the differential sampling rates for different demographic and tobacco-use groups in the PATH Study, the sample sizes reported in these tables cannot be used to estimate population percentages in different demographic categories. Weights need to be used to calculate estimates from the PATH Study.

  • *Buccal cells were collected during a portion of Wave 1 (ended on 18 May 2014).

  • †For a small number of cases, rather than a specific age, only an age range between 12 and 17 years was available.