Table 2

Multivariable logistic regression of relationship between smoking onset by T2 and demographics, T1 e-cigarette use, T1 smoking propensity, and interaction between T1 e-cigarette use and smoking propensity

T1 predictorEstimateSELCLUCLtp Value
Gender (male)0.000.09−
Ethnicity, Caucasian1.530.241.061.996.46<0.0001
Ethnicity, Filipino0.910.3670.181.642.460.01
Ethnicity, Native Hawaiian1.370.360.672.073.82<0.0001
Ethnicity, other1.230.330.591.873.760.0001
Father's education−0.080.27−0.610.45−0.310.44
E-cigarette use0.800.180.451.154.46<0.0001
Propensity to smoke0.390.130.120.652.89<0.01
E-cigarette use×propensity−0.130.05−0.23−0.032.500.01
  • Analysis based on T1 never-smokers.

  • Analytic n=1136.

  • LCL, lower confidence limit; UCL, upper confidence limit.