TableĀ 1

Shows the description of the categorisations of the sample of 2208 Instagram images

Themen=2208 (%)Likes (%)Comments (%)
(a) Activity404 (18)70.17
(b) Product616 (28)80.20
(c) Advertisement648 (29)3ab 0.07ab
(d) Text53 (2)4ab 0.04ab
(e) Other487 (22)4ab 0.09ab
  • Likes are defined as, for a single image, the number of likes divided by the number of followers of the poster. The percentage reported is the median for each given category. Comments are similarly defined.Percentages marked with a superscript letter (eg, a) indicate a statistically significant difference between that row and the row designated by that superscript letter (p<0.01).