Table 3

Linear trends in endorsement of reasons that led smokers to think about quitting, by country

UK Canada USA Australia
Reasons to think about quittingAOR95% CIAOR95% CIAOR95% CIAOR95% CI
Concern/risk reasons
 Concern for personal health0.97*0.93 to to to to 1.07
 Setting example for children0.970.93 to to to to 1.08
 Concern for health of others0.92*0.89 to 0.951.010.97 to 1.040.990.95 to to 1.04
 Mean of concern/risk reasons0.99*0.98 to 0.991.001.00 to to to 1.01
Public/society reasons
 Smoking restrictions in public1.051.02 to 1.090.97*0.94 to to to 1.08
 Smoking restrictions at work1.061.03 to to to to 1.10
 Society disapproves0.97*0.94 to 1.010.96*0.93 to 0.991.031.00 to 1.070.99*0.96 to 1.02
 Mean of public/society reasons1.01*1.00 to 1.011.00*0.99 to to 1.021.01*1.00 to 1.01
Assistance reasons
 Free/lower cost SSMs0.98*0.95 to 1.021.06*1.02 to 1.091.07*1.04 to 1.111.09*1.06 to 1.13
 Availability of helpline/quitline0.96*0.92 to 0.991.030.99 to 1.061.14*1.09 to to 1.13
 Health professional advice1.030.99 to to 1.061.05*1.02 to 1.091.10*1.07 to 1.14
 Mean of assistance reasons1.00*0.99 to 1.001.01*1.00 to 1.011.02*1.01 to 1.021.02*1.02 to 1.03
Information reasons
 Advertisements about risks0.94*0.91 to 0.970.95*0.92 to 0.981.000.97 to to 1.05
 Warning labels on cigarette packs0.930.90 to 0.960.950.92 to 0.981.020.98 to 1.061.16*1.12 to 1.20
 Mean of information reasons0.99*0.98 to 0.990.99*0.98 to 0.991.001.00 to 1.011.02*1.01 to 1.03
Price reason
 Price of cigarettes0.960.93 to 1.000.87*0.84 to 0.911.000.96 to 1.030.960.92 to 0.99
Total number of reasons
 Mean total number of reasons0.95*0.89 to 1.000.980.93 to 1.041.08*1.02 to to 1.21
  • GEE modelling used; analyses adjusted for sex, age group, majority/minority group, education, income, CPD, TTFC, time in sample and difference in time between waves.

  • Sample sizes for ‘concern for personal health’ are UK: N=4717 ind, 11 442 obs; CA: N=4884 ind, 11 966 obs; USA: N=6703 ind, 12 812 obs; AU: 4482 ind, 11 370 obs. Ns vary slightly for other reasons.

  • *Presence of a non-linear trend, p<0.01.

  • AOR, adjusted OR; AU, Australia; CA, Canada; CPD, cigarettes smoked per day; GEE, generalised estimating equation; ind, individuals; obs, observations; TTFC, time to first cigarette.