Table 1

‘Agree-disagree’ television advertisements

TitleClaim against standardised packaging: We agree that tobacco is harmful, we disagree with plain packaging…Accompanying visual imagery
Intellectual Property …because it prevents companies using the legal branding they've created and invested in.Person with a thought bubble emerging stating: “If I create it I should own it”.
International Trade …because if New Zealand doesn't respect international brands why should other countries respect ours.Single wine bottle in foreground with label stating: “Wine exports aren't worth protecting”. Wine bottles with plain labels in background.
Australian Laws We disagree that Australia’s untested plan packaging laws should be used in New Zealand.*New Zealand outline positioned within Australian land mass.
Personal Responsibility …because New Zealanders should be allowed to make their own informed decisions.Protestor holding placard saying; “If I disagree with something it should be banned”.
What's Next? …because banning branding sets a troubling precedent for legal products.Person wanting to buy beer from a liquor store but beer bottles in fridge all have blank labels.