Table 4

Making a quit attempt as a function of endorsement of reasons that led smokers to think about quitting

Model 1 Model 2
Reasons to think about quittingEndorsed reasonPer cent attemptAOR95% CIAOR95% CI
Concern for personal healthNo28refref
Yes441.981.85 to 2.111.681.56 to 1.81
Price of cigarettesNo37refref
Yes431.291.22 to 1.361.061.00 to 1.13
Setting example for childrenNo36refref
Yes441.361.29 to 1.431.09*1.02 to 1.16
Concern for health of othersNo37refref
Yes441.29*1.22 to 1.351.010.96 to 1.08
Health professional adviceNo37refref
Yes451.40*†1.34 to 1.471.16*1.10 to 1.23
Society disapprovesNo38refref
Yes451.291.23 to 1.351.081.02 to 1.14
Smoking restrictions in publicNo39refref
Yes441.251.19 to 1.311.050.99 to 1.11
Advertisements about risksNo37refref
Yes461.401.34 to 1.471.131.06 to 1.20
Free/lower cost SSMsNo39refref
Yes441.271.21 to 1.331.030.97 to 1.09
Smoking restrictions at workNo40refref
Yes431.161.10 to 1.220.920.86 to 0.97
Warning labels on cigarette packsNo39refref
Yes471.381.31 to 1.451.091.02 to 1.16
Availability of helpline/quitlineNo40refref
Yes461.341.27 to 1.421.081.01 to 1.16
Sum of reasons endorsed‡1.091.08 to 1.10
  • GEE modelling used; outcome assessed at wave following wave at which reasons for thinking about quitting and covariates were assessed.

  • Model 1 analyses adjusted for country, sex, age group, majority/minority group, education, income, CPD, TTFC, survey wave, time in sample and difference in time between waves.

  • Model 2 analyses adjusted for variables included in model 1 and each reason for thinking about quitting.

  • Ns for ‘concern for personal health’ are UK: N=3186 ind, 8215 obs; CA: N=3072 ind, 7875 obs; US: N=3040 ind, 6808 obs; AU: 3159 ind, 8327 obs, and vary slightly for other reasons.

  • *Association is stronger in the USA than in the UK (p<0.01).

  • †Association is stronger in the USA than in Australia (p<0.01).

  • ‡Sum of reasons endorsed AOR indicates the increase in likelihood of making a quit attempt per an increase of one for total number of items endorsed.

  • AOR, adjusted OR; AU, Australia; CA, Canada; CPD, cigarettes smoked per day; GEE, generalised estimating equation; ind, individuals; obs, observations; TTFC, time to first cigarette.