Table 5

Transfer function model for SUS hospital admission rate for myocardial infarction, city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, January 2005 to December 2010

Input SeriesLag*EstimateSEp ValueMean of the mensal perceptual effect
Total hospital admission (n)00.00030.0001<0.001
Minimum air temperature (°C)0−0.17410.0278<0.001
Air relative humidity (%)70.04010.0126<0.001
COmax (ppm)†50.31510.12860.014
Smoking ban law (I)‡0−0.78160.34190.022−5.4
ARIMA error structure
  • *Month.

  • †Maximum carbon monoxide level for each 8 hours.

  • ‡Smoking ban law (starting in August 2009). Step function intervention, 1 if t≥T; 0 otherwise.