Table 1

Tobacco control policies in the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia between 2001 and 2015*

ITC survey waveWave 1 Wave 2Wave 3Wave 4Wave 5Wave 6 Wave 7
UKIncrease in size of health warnings on cigarette packs; ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and domestic sponsorshipRegulation of point-of-sale advertisementsMass media expenditure peaked in 2004/2005, dropped to £0 in 2010/2011, then rose again until 2012/2013Ban on smoking in indoor public placesPictorial warnings on 40% of back of cigarette packs
CanadaPictorial health warnings on 50% of front and back of packBan on arts and events sponsorshipAgreement to stop using light/mild descriptors on cigarettesBan on retail displays of cigarettes (10 provinces and territories)Ban on tobacco advertising in most print media
USA1 state with smoke-free law2 states with smoke-free law5 states with smoke-free law7 states with smoke-free lawFederal excise tax raised to $1.01/pack; FDA given regulatory authority over tobacco products; ban on flavoured cigarettes except menthol; 12 states with smoke-free law
AustraliaBan on light/mild descriptorsHealth warnings on 30% of front and 90% of back of cigarette packs; Ban on smoking in enclosed public spacesBans on smoking in licensed venues (two largest states)
ITC survey waveWave 8Wave 9
UKIncrease in tobacco tax to exceed inflation rate; ban on tobacco product placement on TV/on-demand programmesBan on tobacco displays in large shopsBan on tobacco displays in all shops; ban on smoking in private vehicles with children
CanadaBan on indoor smoking in all provinces and territories; ban on retail displays in all provinces and territories; ban on flavourings and additives (except menthol) in cigarettes and cigarillosBan on smoking in cars with children (9 provinces and territories)16 new picture-based health warnings; warning labels cover 75% of front and back of pack; 8 new picture-based messages inside pack; quitline number and web address added to warningsBan on smoking in cars with children (10 provinces/territories)
USABan on sponsorship; ban on light/mild descriptors; cigarettes cannot be sold in packs of <2030 states with smoke-free law
AustraliaTobacco taxes increase by 25%Ban on point-of-sale displays (started at end of 2009, last state implemented ban in 2012)Plain packaging; graphic warnings cover 75% of front and 90% of back of pack; ban on smoking in cars with children12.5% increase in tobacco taxes per year over next 4 years
  • *Adapted from ‘Timeline of Tobacco Control Policies and ITC Surveys’ available at

  • FDA, Food and Drug Administration; ITC, International Tobacco Control.