Table 1

Device specification for PM capillary aerosol generator and PM's 2009 electrically heated smoking system having a liquid storage portion

CAGElectrically heated smoking system
Project Leap CAG (1995)26PM 2009 patent59
“The aerosol is formed when the hot vaporized fluid exists the capillary tube.”“In the aerosol forming chamber, the vapor condenses to form an aerosol, which is carried towards the air outlet.”
Pump forces liquid into small tube (capillary)“liquid is transferred from the liquid storage towards the heating element by capillary action of the wick.”
Small tube, or capillary is heated“a heating element for heating the second end of the capillary wick.”
Capillary contains liquid“The mouthpiece includes a liquid storage portion.”
Liquid in tube is aerosolised“Liquid at the second end of the capillary wick is vaporized by the heating element.”
Heating wire wrapped around a small tube to evenly heat liquid in tube“at least one heating element comprises a coil of wire surrounding the capillary wick.”
“Nichrome heating wire…was found to be useful for supplying heat to the capillary tube evenly.”“Other alternatives include a heating wire or filament, for examine a Ni—Cr, platinum, tungsten or alloy wire.”
“Two power sources may be needed to operate the aerosol generator in a pulse mode if the unit is to be puff actuated.”“The electric circuitry is arranged to provide an electric current pulse to the at least one heating element when the user initiates a puff.”
”Mouthpiece was placed on one end of the outer tube.”“An electrically heated smoking system includes a shell and a replaceable mouthpiece.”
Aerosol and method and apparatus for generating aerosol patent (1996) 27 PM 2009 patent (contd) 59
Ideal electric source for heater was a battery.“The battery supplies a current pulse…to the heating coil.”
“For portable applications…replaceable, rechargeable battery, such as…nickel-cadmium battery pack.”“An example of suitable circuitry is one or more capacitors or rechargeable batteries.”
“puff-actuated sensor”“Preferably, the electric circuitry comprises a sensor to detect air flow indicative of a user taking a puff.”
“propylene glycol and glycerol…preferred”“Examples of suitable aerosol formers are glycerine and propylene glycol.”
  • CAG, capillary aerosol generator; PM, Philip Morris.