Table 4

Percentage who changed their perceived risk of smoking away from ‘great risk’ at follow-up wave (SEs and 95% relative risk CIs in brackets)†

Smoking status:Never smoked by 12th grade Smoked by 12th grade
AllSee ‘great risk’ in smoking cigarettesAll
n (weighted)246204101
Recently vaped at time of 12th grade survey
 No9.01 (2.04)10.92 (2.44)14.12 (5.05)
 Yes41.27 (16.58)41.73 (16.68)11.65 (5.70)
Bivariate relative risk‡4.56** (1.87 to 11.11)3.81** (1.57 to 9.21)0.82 (0.29 to 2.83)
Adjusted relative risk‡4.73** (2.07 to 10.82)3.74** (1.57 to 8.89)0.69 (0.19 to 2.49)
  • Analysis includes five cases with imputed data for the dependent variable. Results changed only trivially when these five cases were removed from the analysis. See online supplementary table A5 for detailed presentation of multivariable models.

  • **p<0.01.

  • †Estimates weighted.

  • ‡Differences across e-cigarette use groups modelled in a binomial regression with a log link. Adjusted relative risk controls sex, parental education, and race (white vs non-white).