Table 2

Smoking incidence at 1-year follow-up among 12th grade students who had never smoked traditional, combustible cigarettes, by baseline vaping (SEs and 95% relative risk CIs in brackets)†

AllSee ‘great risk’ in smoking cigarettes
n (weighted)246204
Recently vaped at time of 12th grade survey
 No6.75 (1.70)7.15 (1.96)
 Yes31.07 (14.00)32.92 (14.99)
Bivariate relative risk‡4.60** (1.71 to 12.34)4.59** (1.67 to 12.63)
Adjusted relative risk‡4.78** (1.91 to 11.96)4.64** (1.66 to 12.93)
  • **p<0.01.

  • †Estimates weighted.

  • ‡Differences across e-cigarette use groups modelled in a binomial regression with a log link. See online supplementary table A4 for detailed presentation of the controls in the models for adjusted relative risk.