Table 2

Effects of the intervention (after vs before) on monthly referral counts

VariableOR95% CIPr(>|z|)
Intercept: baseline0.020.01 to 0.06<0.001
Months after implementation of intervention, compared with before
First month1.150.98 to 1.350.093
Second month1.501.29 to 1.74<0.001
Third month2.141.87 to 2.45<0.001
Fourth month and beyond2.472.16 to 2.81<0.001
Time since start of intervention, compared with before
Each additional month1.060.99 to 1.130.103
Strategy for initial contact with smokers, compared with none
Appointment1.781.116 to 2.84<0.050
Early contact6.213.183 to 12.11<0.001
Month and availability of additional training, compared with month without training
Month of additional training1.151.064 to 1.25<0.001
  • 36907 valid cases included in model (2.2% cases with missing data excluded).