Table 1

Health cost studies of smoking-attributable diseases, 1990–2015

Study authorsCountry nameIncome groupDiseases includedSAD rateSAF (% health expenditure)
Cadilhac et al 14 (2011)AustraliaHICHS1704.8
Collins and Lapsley15 (2002)AustraliaHICM C R S O1703.9
GHK16 (2009)AustriaHICM C R1885.8
WHO17 (2005)BangladeshLICM C R T2556.7
GHK16 (2009)BelgiumHICM C R2956.4
Pinto et al 18 (2015)BrazilUMICM C R S1436.1
GHK16 (2009)BulgariaUMICM C R2964.0
Rehm et al 19 (2006)CanadaHICM C R O2393.7
Sung et al 20 (2009)ChinaUMICM C R T1373.1
Yang et al 21 (2011)ChinaUMICM C R T1373.0
GHK16 (2009)CyprusHICM C R1013.6
GHK16 (2009)Czech RepHICM C R2967.2
Sovinova et al 22 (2002)Czech RepHICM C R O29611.0
GHK16 (2009)DenmarkHICM C R3587.5
Rasmussen et al 23 (2004)DenmarkHICM C R3589.2
GHK16 (2009)EstoniaHICM C R3499.6
Taal et al 24 (2004)EstoniaHICM C R O3497.0
GHK16 (2009)FinlandHICM C R1555.3
GHK16 (2009)1 FranceHICM C R1936.1
GHK16 (2009)1 GermanyHICM C R2155.9
Neubauer et al 25 (2006)GermanyHICM C R T2153.2
Ruff et al 26 (2000)GermanyHICM C R2154.3
Welte et al 27 (2000)GermanyHICM C R T O2154.9
GHK16 (2009)GreeceHICM C R2386.4
GHK16 (2009)HungaryUMICM C R49511.9
John et al 28 (2009)IndiaLMICM C R T1123.6
John et al 29 (2015)IndiaLMICM C R T1123.3
GHK16 (2009)IrelandHICM C R2847.1
Ginsberg and Geva30 (2014)IsraelHICM C R O1142.6
GHK16 (2009)ItalyHICM C R2116.3
Izumi et al 31 (2001)JapanHICHS2003.8
GHK16 (2009)1 LatviaHICM C R3268.1
Chaaban et al 32 (2010)LebanonUMICM C R1214.2
GHK16 (2009)LithuaniaHICM C R2828.3
GHK16 (2009)LuxemburgHICM C R2146.5
GHK16 (2009)MaltaHICM C R1505.5
Reynales-Shigematsu et al 33 (2006)MexicoUMICM C R654.3
GHK16 (2009)NetherlandsHICM C R2687.2
van Genugten et al 34 (2004)NetherlandsHICM C R2688.5
GHK16 (2009)PolandHICM C R3536.6
GHK16 (2009)PortugalHICM C R1554.5
GHK16 (2009)RomaniaUMICM C R2955.0
Potapchik and Popovich35 (2014)RussiaUMICM C R39813.0
Quah et al 36 (2006)SingaporeHICM, C, R, F1571.8
GHK16 (2009)SlovakiaHICM C R2686.1
GHK16 (2009)SloveniaHICM C R2796.6
Kang et al 37 (2003)South KoreaHICM C R O2117.3
GHK16 (2009)SpainHICM C R1856.0
Bolin et al 38 (2007)SwedenHICM C R O1471.2
GHK16 (2009)SwedenHICM C R1474.9
Priez et al 39 (1999)SwitzerlandHICM C R1533.4
Leartsakulpanitch et al 40 (2007)ThailandUMICM C R1743.6
Allender et al 41 (2009)UKHICM C O3305.5
GHK16 (2009)UKHICM C R3306.4
Scarborough et al 42 (2011)UKHICM C O3304.7
CDC43 (2002)USAHICM C R O3186.0
Xu et al 44 (2015)USAHICHS3188.7
Hoang Anh et al 45 (2014)VietnamLMICM C R2285.8
Ross et al 46 (2007)VietnamLMICM C R2284.3
  • C, cardiovascular and circulatory diseases; HIC, high income; HS, health system; LIC, low income; LMIC, lower middle income; M, malignant neoplasms; O, other; R, non-malignant respiratory disease; S, secondhand smoke; SAD, smoking-attributable death; SAF, smoking-attributable fraction; T, tuberculosis; UMIC, upper middle income.