Table 3

Example of deriving flavour description category scores for Cig-TP1 (cigarette), with a total score of 1 for each flavour additive

Flavour additiveFlavour description*FruityFloralAlcoholSpicyHerbalSweetMentholMisc
1,2-propanediol, 1-acetateUnknown00000000
MentholCooling; less cooling than (-)-menthol, with musty-minty notes1/2 (menthol)+1/2 (minty)
MenthoneMinty-herbaceous (not green); dry woody notes1/4 (herbaceous)1/4 (mint)1/4 (wood)+1/4 (dry)
Neomenthyl acetateFresh, minty, slightly fruity for (+)-neomenthyl acetate1/3 (fruity)1/3 (fresh)+1/3 (minty)
Menthyl acetateHas a minty type odour and a cooling type flavour1/2 (minty)+1/2 (cooling)
1, 1, 5-trimethyl-1, 2-dihydronaphthaleneUnknown00000000
1-hexanol, 2-ethyl-Sweet, oily fermenty weak rose odour; fatty fruity-musty, tea-floral taste1/5 (fruity)1/5 (floral)1/5 (sweet)1/5 (oily)+1/5 (fatty)
1H-pyrrole-2-carboxaldehyde, 1-methyl-Somewhat burnt, roasted, cracker, nut1/3 (nut)1/3 (burnt)+1/3 (roasted)
% of total score9300494926
  • *The flavour descriptions have been extracted from the Leffingwell flavour database9 or found on the internet such as the website of The Good Scents Company.