Table 2

Values derived from Brown et al 12 for products with explicit flavour names, recomputed from amount ‘per serving’ to µg per g tobacco product

ProductTotal flavour concentration (µg/g)
Skoal ‘Cherry’ moist snuff12 600
Skoal ‘Berry Blend’ moist snuff11 200
Zig Zag Wraps ‘Cherry’ blunt wraps6840
Kayak ‘Apple’ moist snuff5300
Zig Zag Wraps ‘Grape’ blunt wraps5300
Cheyenne ‘Wild Cherry’ " large cigars’5130
Kayak ‘Grape’ moist snuff5080
Phillies Blunt ‘Grape’ cigar4560
Zig Zag Wraps ‘Apple’ blunt wraps4430
Kayak ‘Peach’ moist snuff3720
Cheyenne ‘Grape’ " large cigars’3480
Zig Zag Wraps ‘Blueberry’ blunt wraps3450
Skoal ‘Apple’ moist snuff2790
Cheyenne ‘Xotic Berry’ ‘large cigars’2630
Swisher Sweet ‘BLK Cherry’ cigarillos2340
Swisher Sweet ‘Peach’ cigarillos1010
Cheyenne ‘Peach’ ‘large cigars’571
Royal Blunt XXL ‘Sour Apple’ blunt wraps313