Table 1

Analytical sample characteristics by lost to follow-up (n=2414)

Not lost to follow-upLost to follow-upp Value
Marital status
 High school or lessn=41651.261.40.053
 More than high schooln=72548.838.6
Income quantile
Percent immigrant in neighbourhood
 Highest tertilen=16013.115.2
Community size
 1 500 000+n=43017.916.30.511
 500 000–1 499 000n=34714.119.2
 100 000–499 000n=106444.439.7
 10 000–99 999n=44418.419.2
 Less than 10 000n=67323.724.8
Children at home
 No outlets with 500 mn=77632.924.60.135
 1 or more outletsn=163867.175.4
  • Perceived addiction (Question: How addicted to smoking do you feel yourself to be: very, somewhat, not at all addicted), any past use of pharmaceutical quit aids (ie, patch, gum, spray, buproprion, varenicline (yes/no)), any past use of behavioural quit aids (ie, self-help, counselling, group therapy (yes/no)). For the present study, high and moderate nicotine dependence was based on the Heaviness of Smoking Index and defined as a score of greater than 2.