Table 3

Quit attempts among smokers in the Ontario Tobacco Survey (n=2414)

Proximity modelDensity modelThreshold model
Distance to outlet from home0.98(0.84–1.14)0.92(0.77–1.09)1.07(0.85–1.35)
Count of outlets within 500m of home0.97(0.93–1.01)0.96(0.93–1.01)
At least one outlet within 500m of home1.45(0.96–2.18)
  • All models adjusted for age including age, gender, marital status, having children under 18 in the home, level of education completed, region of Ontario, perceived addiction, prior use of pharmaceutical quit aids, prior use of behavioural quit aids, Heaviness of Smoking Index, quintile of percentage of immigrant and municipal size.