Table 2

Predictors of smokeless tobacco use and susceptibility among adolescent boys in California, 1993

PredictorsCurrent use of smokeless tobacco Adj OR (95% Cl) (n = 2814)Susceptibility to use smokeless tobacco Adj OR (95% Cl) (n = 2814)
Exposure to other users of smokeless tobacco
 Family only3.2 (0.3–58.2)0.5 (0.2–1.1)
 Best friends only13.2 (3.4–50.8)2.2 (1.7–2.8)
 Both family and best friends34.4 (7.8–150.7)3.1 (1.8–5.2)
Exposure to smokeless tobacco advertisements
 Not exposed1.01.0
 Exposed7.5 (3.1–18.1)1.6(1.2–2.0)
Peer norms about using smokeless tobacco
 Best friends disapprove1.01.0
 Best friends approve5.2 (3.0–9.0)1.9(1.5–2.4)
Cigarette smoking
 Yes3.3 (1.9–5.7)1.3 (1.0–1.8)
Participation in team sports
 Yes1.2 (0.6–2.2)1.7 (1.3–2.2)
  • Adjusted odds ratios (Adj OR) and 95 % confidence intervals.

  • (Adjusted for age, race, and the variables in the table)