Table 1

Eligible store sample and reasons for store ineligibility within each wave

2013 (n)2014 (n)2015 (n)
Total store panel350350350
 Stopped selling tobacco047
Total eligible for fieldwork349340333
 No price board displayed736658
 Electronic price board746
Total stores with fixed price boards269270269
 Board alphabetised by brand362834
 Top-listed product not recorded541
 Top-listed price not recorded81310
 Top-listed product not FMC515
Total stores with FMC product listed at top of the price board215224219
 Top-listed FMC not a single pack181414
Total stores with a single FMC product at the top of the price board197210205
  • *Temporarily closed at the time of fieldwork and not able to be revisited before end of month.

  • FMC, factory-made cigarette.