Table 2

Philip Morris International’s (PMI)’s Consumer Perception and Behavior Assessment (PBA) Studies in the USA

Study nameMethodologyLocationStudy yearParticipantsAgeMaterials
20 focus groups (n=113)
37 individual interviews
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Charlotte, NC
Phoenix, AZ
Oct–Dec 2013S-NITQ, S-ITQ,
21+Nine potential ‘plain text’† messages‡
THS-PBA-03-USQuantitative (n=1713)Chicago, IL
Marlton, NJ
Phoenix, AZ
Atlanta, GA
Oct–Dec 2014S-NITQ, S-ITQ, FS, NSLA+Three potential ‘plain text’† messages selected from THS-PBA-02-US
28 individual interviews
Chicago, IL
Phoenix, AZ
Dec 2014AS, FS, NS18+Five potential branded§ communication materials with claims selected from THS-PBA-02-US
THS-PBA-05-RRC-USQuantitative (n=2255)Paramus, NJ
Dallas, TX
St Louis, MO
Los Angeles, CA
Jul 2015S-NITQ, S-ITQ, FS, NSLA+Three branded§ communication materials with claim #1 ‘Reduced risks of tobacco-related diseases’
THS-PBA-05-RRC2-USQuantitative (n=2247)Marlton, NJ
Chicago, IL
Tampa, FL
Denver, CO
Sep 2015S-NITQ, S-ITQ, FS, NSLA+Three branded§ communication materials with the claim #2—‘Reduced risk of harm’
THS-PBA-05-REC-USQuantitative (n=2272)Framingham, MA
San Diego, CA
St Louis, MO
Baltimore, MD
Dec 2015S-NITQ, S-ITQ, FS, NSLA+Three branded§ communication materials with the claim #3 ‘Reduced body’s exposure to harmful and potentially harmful chemicals’
  • *Never smokers participated only in Phase 2 of THS-PBA-02-US.

  • †‘Plain text’ message describes the information communicated on the product.

  • ‡The table in the PMI document says nine messages, but the file (Online Supplementary 1) for Phase 1 shows 13 messages because there are two versions of some (A1, A2, B, C1, C2, D and so on). Phase 2 tested seven messages (Online Supplementary 2).

  • §The branded communication materials were brochure, pack and direct mail piece with iQOS commercial name and the Tobacco Sticks as HeatSticks with the Marlboro Brand.

  • AS, adult smokers; FS, adult former smokers; LA, legal smoking age; NS, adult never smokers; S-ITQ, adult smokers with the Intention to quit; S-NITQ, adult smokers with no intention to quit.

  • Source: adapted from table 1 Overview of the Studies from PMI Research and Development51 (p. 7).