Table 2

Overview of studies conducted by Philip Morris International (PMI) in support of its MRTP application

Study nameMethodologyStudy yearStated study goal
THS-PBA-01-USQualitative and quantitativeDecember 2012–June 2014Development and validation of psychometric instruments for ‘Risk Perception’ and ‘Intent to Use for tobacco products’
THS-PBA-02-USQualitativeOctober-December 2013Testing 9* potential ‘plain text’† messages
THS-PBA-03-USQuantitativeOctober-December 2014Testing three potential ‘plain text’ messages selected from THS-PBA-02-US
THS-PBA-04-USQualitativeDecember 2014Testing five potential branded‡ communication materials with claims selected from THS-PBA-02-US
THS-PBA-05-RRC-USQuantitativeJuly 2015Testing three branded communication materials with claim #1 ‘Reduced risks of tobacco-related diseases’
THS-PBA-05-RRC2-USQuantitativeSeptember 2015Testing three branded communication materials with the claim #2 ‘Reduced risk of harm’
THS-PBA-05-REC-USQuantitativeDecember 2015Testing three branded communication materials with the claim #3 ‘Reduced body’s exposure to harmful and potentially harmful chemicals’
  • *The table in the PMI document mentions 9 messages, but there were actually 13 different messages for phase I because there are two versions of some (A1, A2, B, C1, C2, D and so on). Phase II of the study tested seven messages.

  • †‘Plain text’ message describes the information communicated on the product.

  • ‡Branded communication materials were brochure, pack, and direct mail piece with the iQOS commercial name and the Tobacco Sticks as HeatSticks with the Marlboro Brand.

  • MRTP, modified risk tobacco product.