Table 3

Comparison of Accord and IQOS constituent yields on a per cigarette basis based on data from Philip Morris' Scientific Data Summary and Philip Morris International’s modified risk tobacco product application

(abs. value)
(abs. value)
(abs. value)
(abs. value)
(% of 3R4F)
(% of 2R4F)
Ratio IQOS/Accord (abs. values)
1,3-Butadiene (μg)0.2072.
4-Aminobiphenyl (ng)7.80.1133.211.24243.09.169.0
Acetaldehyde (μg)192114160267012.017.01.68
Acetamide (μg)2.960.592134.7222.812.55.00
Acrolein (μg)8.3216.2158615.326.60.51
Acrylonitrile (μg)0.1450.41521.215.10.682.750.35
Benz[a]anthracene (ng)2.65<0.1328.410.89.3<1.20>20.4
Benzene (μg)0.4520.41377.353.70.580.771.09
Benzo[a]pyrene (ng)0.736<0.1313.37.755.5<1.68>5.66
Carbon Monoxide (mg)0.3470.56429.414.31.183.940.62
Catechol (μg)144.5384.145.916.69.873.09
Formaldehyde (μg)14.17.4179.418.617.839.81.90
Isoprene (μg)6.5535.48913860.749.170.19
Lead (ng)2.23<0.67631.2127.15<5.63>3.30
Nicotine (mg)
Nitrogen oxides (μg)14.228.65382982.649.600.50
NNK (ng)7.8<12244.71503.19<8.00>0.65
NNN (ng)10.115.22711663.739.160.66
o-Toluidine (ng)1.10.77396.
Phenol (μg)1.47<0.0115.68.279.42<0.12>147.0
Proprionaldehye (μg)10.84.9410954.79.919.032.19
Styrene (μg)0.5770.17613.95.854.153.013.28
Toluene (μg)1.421.2612980.41.101.571.13
Tar (mg)19.42.272510.377.6228.55
Total particulate matter (mg)30.23.5641.412.672.928.38.48
  • For all ratio values that are under one, IQOS has less of the given compound than Accord on a per stick basis. For all values that are over one, IQOS has more of the given compound than Accord on a per stick basis. IQOS reduces levels of 8 constituents compared with Accord, but raises them for 17 others. When normalized by the weight of tobacco in the product, IQOS exposures were higher for 12 constituents and lower for 13 compared to Accord.