Table 4

Difference (95% CI) in 90-day pulmonary function testing between I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking users and conventional cigarette smokers as presented by Philip Morris International

Clinical endpointUS-based study
Japan-based study
FEV1 (% predicted)0.53 (−2.09 to 3.00)1.91 (−0.14 to 3.97)
FEV1/FVC0.00 (−0.02 to 0.02)N/A
MEF 25–75 (L/s)−0.67 (−6.33 to 4.99)N/A
DLCO (mL/min/mm Hg)0.31 (−1.09 to 1.72)N/A
KCO (mmol/min/kPa/L)0.05 (−0.02 to 0.12)N/A
TLC (L)0.09 (−0.25 to 0.43)N/A
FRV (L)−0.09 (−0.31 to 0.13)N/A
IC (L)0.21 (−0.08 to 0.51)N/A
VC (L)0.10 (0.00 to 0.21)N/A
  • *Without bronchodilator.

  • †With bronchodilator.

  • DLCO, diffusion capacity of lung for carbon monoxide; IC, inspiratory capacity; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FRV, functional residual volume; FVC, forced vital capacity; KCO, rate constant of carbon monoxide; MEF, mid expiratory flow; N/A, not conducted or reported by PMI; TLC, total lung capacity; VC, vital capacity.