Table 3

Correlates of overall high compliance with the national comprehensive smoke-free law. Unadjusted and adjusted ORs and 95% CIs

ORp 95% CInORp 95% CIn
Countries with an increase of one point in the enforcement summary score versus countries with no increase1.3≤0.011.1 to 1.641
Countries where perception of corruption control efforts rank in the top quartile versus countries ranking below the top quartile3.60.090.8 to 18.34110.3≤0.011.7 to 117.740
Countries where local jurisdictions are involved in providing training and/or guidance for inspections versus countries where they are not involved6.40.011.4 to 34.9407.20.031.1 to 85.840
  • *Adjusted for all variables in the model.