Table 2

Summary of preclinical systemic immune effects of I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking (IQOS) compared with sham and 3R4F research cigarettes

Blood neutrophil count (109/L)1.3 (0.3)4.8 (2.1)*2.7 (0.4)*
Thymus weight4.0 (0.4)2.6 (0.6)*2.5 (0.3)*
Histological thymic atrophy score0.1 (0.1)1.8 (0.4)*1.1 (0.4)*
  • Unless otherwise specified, results signify those from male rats at the highest nicotine exposure levels for each group.

  • *Significantly different compared with sham; statistical comparisons between IQOS and 3R4F were not reported for blood neutrophil count or thymic atrophy score.