Table 1

Sample characteristics

Experiment 1Experiment 2
Adults (n=2352)Adolescents (n=480)Adults (n=2445)Adolescents (n=489)
Age (years)
 Black or African-American21.614.022.311.5
 American Indian or Alaska native3.
 Asian or Pacific islander2.
 <High school12.
 High school diploma or equivalent26.218.825.717.5
 Some college20.312.421.711.2
 Associate degree10.411.010.612.1
 Bachelor’s degree19.133.019.834.0
 Master’s degree9.315.89.115.4
 Professional or doctorate degree2.
Low numeracy31.824.229.721.4
Income per year
 US$0–US$24 99931.029.8
 US$25 000–US$49 99924.626.5
 US$50 000–US$74 99917.918.5
 US$75 000–US$100 00011.510.5
 >US$100 00015.014.7
Current smoker26.73.525.72.0
  • Among adults, missing data for income and education were 5% in Experiments 1 and 2. Among adolescents, missing data were less than 5% for age in Experiment 2 and 9% and 8% for mother’s education in Experiments 1 and 2, respectively. Missing data for other characteristics were minimal.