Table 1

Participant characteristics

PseudonymSexAgeEthnicitySmoking frequencyCurrent cigarettes per dayHeaviness of smokingCigarettes per evening when socialisingQuit attempt (>24 hours) in past 6 monthsVaping frequency*Length of time vaping at least weeklyOwns an ENDS device?Current e-liquid nicotine level
AngieF40NZ EuroDaily30335–40NoDaily3–4 monthsY; vape pen0 mg
AnthonyM21NZ EuroWeekly0–204YesDaily3 monthsY; vape pen3 mg, 6 mg
CharlieM19NZ EuroWeekly002NoDaily5 monthsY; tank12 mg
DamianM23NZ EuroDaily3312YesDaily3 monthsY; vape pen18 mg
FionaF37NZ EuroDaily10–12420–30YesDaily1 yearY; vape pen18 mg
HannahF48NZ EuroDaily25521–28NoDaily1 yearY; vape pen18 mg
HenryM63MāoriWeekly031–2YesDaily3 monthsY; tank12 mg, 18 mg
JamesM43NZ EuroDaily5–835–6NoDaily7 monthsY; tank6 mg
JamieM20PacificDaily3120YesDaily1 yearY; tank0 mg, 3 mg
JaneF52NZ EuroDaily16420–22YesDaily1 month†Y; vape pen6 mg, 12 mg
JaydenM20Māori/PacificWeekly001YesDaily1 yearY; vape pen6 mg
Kate‡F56NZ EuroDaily24–30515YesWeekly6 monthsY; vape pen12 mg
Kelvin‡M22Other<Weekly0–104YesDaily3–4 monthsY; vape pen6 mg
MegF65MāoriDaily10–1446–9YesDaily8 monthsY; tank21–24 mg
Neal‡M19NZ EuroDaily4–516–9YesWeekly4 monthsNUnknown¶
PaekiaF31MāoriDaily>2045–8YesDaily1 monthY; vape pen6 mg
PatrickM42PacificDaily8112YesDaily8–9 monthsY; tank3 mg
RussellM28NZ EuroDaily3–431YesDaily1 yearY; tank6 mg
Toby‡M20NZ EuroDaily10214NoWeekly3 monthsY; tank12 mg
  • *Response options: ‘At least once a day; at least once a week; less often than once a week’.

  • †Had been using intermittently for 1 year.

  • ‡Participants reported they had not changed the number of cigarettes they smoked since starting to vape; all others reported they smoked fewer cigarettes since vaping.

  • §Participants responded n/a as they were non-daily smokers.

  • ¶Participants did not know nicotine content as they used others’ ENDS devices.

  • ENDS, electronic nicotine delivery systems; NZ Euro, New Zealand European.