Table 1

Characteristics of current smokers who did not use e-cigarettes at wave 1, PATH (2013–2015) (n=5124)

 25–34 years145428.1
 35–44 years118622.7
 45–54 years119523.2
 55–64 years90618.1
 65–74 years3146.5
 ≥75 years691.5
 Non-Hispanic white339969.8
 Non-Hispanic black81114.8
 Non-Hispanic other3315.4
Household income
 Below poverty level194535.6
 At or near poverty level145027.9
 ≥Twice poverty level172936.6
 Less than high school88916.3
 High school/GED182939.7
 Some college179632.3
 Bachelor’s/advanced degree61011.7
Lived in a smoking household as a child
Currently lives with a cigarette smoker
Frequency of cigarette use at wave 1
 Some-day cigarette smoker87817.6
 Everyday cigarette smoker424682.4
Intensity of cigarette smoking at wave 1
 <1 pack per day330363.7
 1–2 packs per day160231.9
 ≥2 packs per day2194.4
Time to first cigarette in morning
 ≤5 min120423.2
 6–29 min203739.6
 30–59 min982.0
 ≥60 min178535.2
Tried to quit smoking cigarettes in year prior to wave 1
New e-cigarette use at wave 2
 Experimental e-cigarette user3586.9
 Some-day e-cigarette user1783.5
 Everyday e-cigarette user1272.6
  • Restricted to adults aged 25+ who were current cigarette smokers at wave 1 but not current e-cigarette users. Sample weights were incorporated to adjust the percentage estimates in the PATH sample for unequal probabilities of selection and non-response.

  • e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes; GED, General Equivalency Development test; PATH, Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health.