Table 1

Main measures adopted by Uruguay between 2004 and 2018

February 2004Framework Convention on Tobacco Control ratification.
March 2005Tobacco tax increase.
Ban on misleading descriptors.
Ban on advertisements, promotion and sponsorship at sports and public events.
March 2006100% smoke-free areas. Implemented for all indoor public environments, workplaces (including bars and restaurants) and public transportation.
‘A million thanks’ media national campaign.
April 2006Round 1 pictorial warnings. Images at 50%.
February 2008Round 2 pictorial warnings. Images at 50%.
March 2008Mandatory promotion of cessation and treatment.
Tobacco dependence treatment integrated into the National Healthcare System.
April 2008Tobacco advertising and promotion ban.
February 2009Round 3 pictorial warnings. Images at 50%.
June 2009Tobacco tax increase.
December 2009Round 4 pictorial warnings. Images at 80%.
February 2010Ban on multiple presentation per brand (brand’s variant).
March 2010Tobacco tax increase.
January 2012Round 5 pictorial warnings. Images at 80%.
May 2012Educational media campaign to increase awareness and promote cessation.
June 2014Ratification of the Protocol to Eliminate the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products.
July 2014Ban of promotion in the point of sale.
June 2015Tobacco tax increase.
January 2016Tobacco tax increase.
January 2017Tobacco tax increase.
April 2017Plain packaging bill presented to parliament.
January 2018Tobacco tax increase.
August 2018Plain packaging decree-law.