Table 1

Key categories of industry data (based on assessments) captured by coding framework

  • The organisation that produced the data, the title and year of report (if applicable) and the funder of the data.

Geographic information
  • The region, country and locality of the data (each included when applicable).

Data collection type (can select multiple)
  • Survey (tobacco consumer).

  • Survey (tobacco┬áretailer).

  • Empty Pack Surveys.

  • Industry sales data.

  • Seizure data.

  • Expert input.

  • Export and import/international trade statistics.

Analytical method used (can select multiple)
  • Quantitative analysis.

  • Flows model.

  • Tax gap.

  • Econometric modelling.

  • Qualitative analysis.

  • Comparison of export and import statistics.

Criticisms/praiseCriticisms made (with option to highlight praise)
  • Estimates were substantially higher than comparable independent estimates.

  • Criticism of data collection methodology.

  • Criticisms of analysis.

  • Poor presentation of results.

  • Funding is a conflict of interest.

  • Author/s do not take responsibility for findings.

  • Not peer-reviewed.

  • Research contributes nothing of value.

  • Funding is not acknowledged.