Table 2

Data authors, funders and geography of assessed data

GeographyFunder of assessed data
British American Tobacco (subsidiary* or spokesperson†)Imperial Tobacco/Brands (subsidiary or spokesperson)Japan Tobacco International (subsidiary or spokesperson)Philip Morris International (subsidiary or spokesperson)Other TTCMore than one TTCFunded by an organisation that has TTC members
AsiaOxford Economics & International Tax & Investment Center47 54 75 78 80
AustraliaBritish American Tobacco (or subsidiary)45 60
PricewaterhouseCoopers54 65
Imperial Tobacco/Brands (or subsidiary)41 Australian Association of Convenience Stores63
Padilla, J, Watson, N41 59
Philip Morris International (or subsidiary)41 45 56
Roy Morgan Research45 63
Alliance of Australian Retailer‡ 56 58 79
Deloitte1 45 54–60 79 80
KPMG41 45 54 60 68–71 78 79
BulgariaKPMG44 Bulgartabac44
BrazilBritish American Tobacco (or subsidiary)64
European UnionKPMG1 46 54 76 77 79
ItalyTranscrime (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)54
MalaysiaConfederation of Malaysian Tobacco Manufacturers80
New ZealandBritish American Tobacco (or subsidiary)45
Ernst & Young65 66
Imperial Tobacco/Brands (or subsidiary)45
PolandALMARES Institute for Consulting and Market Research61 ALMARES Institute for Consulting and Market Research61
Poland’s National Association for the Tobacco Industry62
South AfricaBritish American Tobacco (or subsidiary)48 Tobacco Institute of South Africa48 72 73
UKBritish American Tobacco (or subsidiary)37 41 Imperial Tobacco/Brands (or subsidiary)37 Japan Tobacco International (or subsidiary)1 37 41 Philip Morris International (or subsidiary)37
Transcrime (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)74
Tobacco Manufacturers Association1
USAMackinac Center for Public Policy§54
  • Grey=author.

  • *Subsidiary refers to a company that is controlled by a TTC but operates, usually in a different region and under a different name, eg, British American Tobacco South Africa and Souza Cruz are subsidiaries of British American Tobacco.

  • †Spokesperson refers to an individual who is employed by and is speaking on behalf of a TTC.

  • ‡The Alliance of Australian Retailers is a TTC front group, funded by Philip Morris, Imperial Tobacco and British American Tobacco,110 so the funders of these data are listed as ‘more than one TTC’.

  • §The Mackinac Center for Public Policy was on Altria’s 2017 list of charitable donations and has received funding from Philip Morris dating back to the 1990s.111 112

  • TTC, transnational tobacco company.