Table 6

Qualitative examples of criticisms related to transparency

Associated critiqueExample taken from an assessment
Data collection"Despite internet searches and multiple attempts to contact the tobacco manufacturers and the research company, we do not have all details of the method used by the tobacco industry. For example, we lack information on how the sample paths and bins for the discarded pack collection were selected, what pack features were taken into account when deciding whether the pack is tax-paid or non-tax-paid. We only know that the packs were examined by the four respective producers to find counterfeit cigarettes".61
Data analysis’There is limited information to explain how the model captures the various factors that influence consumption and insufficient information to independently replicate the report’s estimates. In addition, the model is applied inconsistently in each country'.80
Presentation of results’Different sources and methods are used across countries, leading to results that are not comparable to one another, yet presented for comparison, without acknowledgement of their distinctions'.75