Table 1

Characteristics of the population and density of recreational facilities associated with tobacco stores according to tobacco retail regulation criteria

Characteristics of the population associated with tobacco stores classified by proximity between them
Overprovisioned areas: tobacco stores closer than 150 m and not exceeding the legal sales threshold (n=26)Non-overprovisioned areas: tobacco stores further than 150 m between them or closer than 150 m but exceeding the legal sales threshold (n=612)P values*
Total population served (estimated residents), n (%)67 036 (2.1)†3 099 094 (97.9)†<0.001
Age (years) (per cent of total residents for each group of stores)
Educational level (per cent of the residents older than 25 years for each group of stores)
 Less than elementary and elementary35.943.30.038
Median density of recreational facilities per store (number recreational facilities per 1000 inhabitants)3.8 (0.3–58.7)3.2 (0–79.4)0.213
  • *Kruskal-Wallis test with a significance level of 95%.

  • †Percentages estimated respect the total population of Madrid: 3 166 130 inhabitants (data from 2014).