Table 1

Perceived strengths of stakeholder agreement and the case for a conventional strategy

Theme: stakeholder agreement and cooperation
Cooperation among various stakeholders“We have a long tradition of cooperation among NGOs, governmental institutes and researchers – we are working together.”
Political consensus“…all the different political parties agreed to the (goal). So this is a subject in which we don’t have big differences whether you are from the left, right, middle or whatever.”
Shared views“I just love it when we meet with these tobacco control people because it’s like we have a joint religion because we have the same views.”
Theme: conventional, demand-side policies
Strategical success“So the emphasis, and I think it’s also been the WHO policy, should be reducing demand. And we are doing it so well that why change that policy.”
Legislative success“We've had the advertising ban since the first Finnish Tobacco Act and it's been written in such a way that when the e-cigarette came, we were able to implement it.”
Outcome success“Now the (goal) seems very good at the moment because youth smoking is going down quite quickly, even more than was predicted when this SimSmoke was made.”
  • NGOs, non-governmental organisations.