Table 2

Selected countries for the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control impact assessment

Mission datesCountryWorld Bank categoryWHO region
30 November–2 December 2015KenyaLow-middleAFR
17–19 January 2016Iran (Islamic Republic of)Upper-middleEMR
19–21 January 2016UKHighEUR
21–24 February 2016MadagascarLowAFR
23–26 February 2016TurkeyUpper-middleEUR
7–10 March 2016Sri LankaLower-middleSEAR
28–31 March 2016Republic of KoreaHighWPR
5–8 April 2016UruguayHighAMR
12–15 April 2016PhilippinesLower-middleWPR
18–21 April 2016BangladeshLowSEAR
25–28 April 2016BrazilUpper-middleAMR
2–5 May 2016PakistanLower-middleEMR
  • AFR, African Region; AMR, Region of the Americas; EMR, Eastern Mediterranean Region; EUR, European Region; SEAR, South-East Asia Region; WPR, Western Pacific Region.