Table 1

Prices observed per package of 20 cigarettes in Quebec (inclusive of $5.14 in taxes)

Number of stores in which price displayedPercentage of stores with signs in which price displayedLowest price displayedMedian price displayedHighest price displayedRange in prices shown
British American Tobacco19289%
 Pall Mall16576%$6.60$7.38$8.50$1.90
 John Player12056%$6.52$7.43$9.15$2.63
 Du Maurier Superslims6028%$7.19$8.81$10.90$3.71
 Peter Jackson7133%$6.76$8.11$9.29$2.53
 Du Maurier3617%$8.48$10.24$11.50$3.02
 Pall Mall Superslims178%$6.52$7.29$7.62$1.10
Philip Morris International17581%
 Philip Morris16677%$6.48$7.43$8.95$2.47
 Quebec Classique Noir10750%$6.48$7.49$10.24$3.76
 Next Noir10649%$6.52$7.43$9.51$2.99
 Next Superslims*7434%$6.80$7.42$8.11$1.31
 Mark Ten167%$7.82$8.16$8.46$0.64
 Next—other variants136%$6.99$7.63$8.01$1.02
 Benson & Hedges *31%$9.99$10.28$10.80$0.81
 Benson & Hedges Superslims1$10.48
Japan Tobacco15471%
 Macdonald Special Superslims7233%$6.86$8.1$9.19$2.33
 Macdonald Special5525%$7.30$7.87$9.29$1.99
 Export A31%$6.82$9.80$9.92$3.10
 LD Club or Superslims84%$7.01$7.52$8.72$1.71
  • *Next Superslims and Benson & Hedges were only found in packages of 25 cigarettes but the prices have been restated as packages of 20 to allow for comparison with other brands.