Table 1

Presence of manufacture details, misleading descriptors, promotional messages, pictorial and textual health warnings on tobacco product packages

CigaretteBidiGutkhaKhainiBetel quid
Manufacture details
  Name and address of the manufacturer165826
 Quantity of product171146
 Date of packaging150005
 Date of expiry10001
 Misleading descriptor120231
  Written promotional message110421
 Picture promotional message43031
Pictorial health warning
  Appropriate image160015
 Images on both panels160015
 Appropriate positioning161146
  Parallel to top edge
Coverage of principal display area (in %)
Textual health warning
 Textual heath warning written on both panels160025
 Whether legible and prominent162145
 ‘Warning’ written in white font on red background131035
 ‘Smoking causes throat cancer/Tobacco causes mouth cancer’ written in white font on black background161025
 Coverage of principal display area (in %)