Table 3

Kappas and gross discrepancy rates (GDRs) for current tobacco use items in the PATH-RV Study

VariableAdults (n=407)Youth (n=117)
KappaGDR (%)KappaGDR (%)
Current use of cigarettes0.942.51.000.0
Current use electronic nicotine products0.881.50.644.3
Current use of traditional cigars0.673.21.000.0
Current use of cigarillos0.870.70.491.7
Current use of filtered cigars0.561.51.000.0
Current use of pipes0.830.51.000.0
Current use of snus0.441.21.000.0
Current use of a hookah0.501.01.000.0
Current use of smokeless tobacco0.791.20.000.9
  • The GDR is the proportion of respondents giving different answers in the two interviews. Kappa is a measure of the agreement between answers in the two interviews; it is the proportional improvement in agreement levels over what would be expected by chance.

  • PATH-RV, Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health reliability and validity study.