Table 2

Comparison of design features of main Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study and PATH-reliability and validity (RV) Study

Main PATH StudyPATH-RV Study
Sample designFour-stage probability sampleFour-stage probability sample (in subset of PATH Study sample areas)
Field staffExperienced, trained Westat interviewersExperienced, trained Westat interviewers (also working on the main PATH Study)
Mode of data collection
  ScreenerFace to faceMail screener
  Main interviewAudio computer-administered self-interviews (ACASI) with synthesised voiceACASI with synthesised voice
QuestionnairePATH Study wave 4 interviewInitial Interview: PATH Study wave 4 interview
Reinterview: PATH Study wave 4 Interview (with additional items after the PATH Study questions)
Data collection softwareBlaise (V.4.8.4)Blaise (V.4.8.4)
Biospecimen collectionUrineSaliva
Respondent incentivesUS$35 for adult interviewUS$35 for adult interview
US$25 for youth interviewUS$25 for youth interview
US$25 for urineUS$10 for saliva
US$25 for blood