Table 7

Exact and approximate agreement for five rating scale items

VariablesExact agreementApproximate agreement
KappaGDR (%)Generalised
GDR (%)
Overall health (all 524 respondents)0.6027.50.912.4
Physical health (all 524 respondents)0.6425.30.951.4
Mental health (all 524 respondents)0.5234.10.854.7
Quality of life (407 adult respondents)0.5234.10.951.3
Social activities and relationship (407 adult respondents)0.5035.40.854.0
  • Approximate agreement treats answers within one category of the earlier response as agreement. Generalised Kappa and GDRs are calculated based on approximate agreement.

  • GDRs, gross discrepancy rates.