Table 1

Definition used in the study

Advertisement pointA spot where a cluster of advertisements for the same brand and type are found. For example, five posters of the same Apache brand found in the same location count as one advertisement point.
Number of advertisement materialsThe total number of all advertisements. For example, five posters for a similar Apache brand found in the same location equal five advertisement materials.
Store-affiliated advertisementAn advertisement placed on any part of a store and visible from the road.
Advertisement densityThe number of advertisement points or advertisement materials per 100 m of street length. For sports arenas and parks, advertisement density represented the number of advertisement points or advertisement material per 100 m of the length of all the streets within and surrounding the area.
Advertisement proximityDistance from an advertisement to the outermost fence of the nearest school or religious sites, categorised as:
1. Within 25 m.
2. Within sight.