Table 1

Research entities with links to tobacco industry

CCSA/OCSAImperial Tobacco and JTI-MacDonald give money to the convenience store associations; spokespersons have acknowledged funding from tobacco industry.32
NCACTReceived funding from the Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers Council.31
C.D. Howe InstituteReceived funding from Imperial Tobacco between 2010 and 2014; former board member, Brian Levitt, was CEO of IMASCO Limited.55
Fraser InstituteHas receiving funding from various TTCs.60 61
GfKReports were commissioned by NCACT and Imperial Tobacco.
KPMGReports were commissioned by BAT.
MacDonald Laurier InstituteAdvisory council member Purdy Crawford was the CEO and Chairperson of IMASCO, the holding company for Imperial Tobacco; reportedly received funding from tobacco industry in 2014.62 63
  • BAT, British American Tobacco; CCSA, Canadian Convenience Store Association; CEO, chief executive officer; NCACT, National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco; OCSA, Ontario Convenience Store Association; TTC, transnational tobacco company.