Instrumental strategyTechniqueDescription
Coalition managementConstituency recruitmentTI associations’ complaints and arguments to try to cancel the public consultation.
Constituency fabricationGrowers associations’ demonstrations and complaints about the public consultations.4
Information managementAmplificationDissemination of TI arguments in newspapers and other media.
Dissemination of misleading information.
Massive participation in the public consultation, opposing the ban but mostly, overwhelming the process.
Suppression‘Scientific studies’ funded by TI contesting the additive ban positive impact.
Direct involvement and influence in policyIncentives and threatsPolitical campaign funding of politicians that protect TI interests.
Actor in legislative processesCongressman supported by TI tried to cancel the public consultation through legislative measures.
Actor in government decision-makingMinistry of Agriculture hosted a tobacco sector meeting chaired by TI.
LitigationLegal action to contest/ obstruct regulationsInjunction to cancel the public hearing results.
  • TI, tobacco industry.